Buena Vista college trip

downloadFor the college trip i went to Buena Vista University. I have been here once before a couple of years ago for a church group. The most surprising thing I saw was a massage chair that anyone can use if they sign up. I think the best part was eating lunch. They have a lot of opportunities like a radio or even TV show. The campus was large with a football field, a dorm house, a history museum type thing with real dinosaur bones, and a bunch of real stuffed animal heads and bears a weight room, a gym, a gaming room, and a commons area with a cafeteria, a gift shop, and a coffee shop. The arch in the picture is one that all new students walk through to signify that they are taking a new walk in life or something like that. They also said that if you walk through the arch before you graduate you will not graduate in 4 years. behind the arch there is a big open field that they sometimes play frisbee in, and if the frisbee goes on the other side of the arch, they would go around it because they have not graduated yet. it was fun

Espanardo Juantitio and the gym

One day Espanardo Juantitio (or ej) was sitting in his living room when realized that his furnace was not straight. He tried to move it, but then it fell over and he knew he could not pick it up. He grabbed all the money he could dig up from his couch and went to the gym. At the gym he bought a year membership and worked out, mostly because he didn’t like others to do stuff for him. over the year he worked out, being laughed at on more than one occasion, and getting a little stronger each week. after his membership expired, he was strong enough to lift a car!



when he went home to fix the furnace he broke it with his big muscly arms, and in the process he broke an exceptionally large hole in the side of his house.

So today he lives in a cold house with a big hole, he has no money because he spent it on the gym, and has to beg for his food, he cannot get a job because he did not finish school, and cannot go to school because of his lack of money. So the next time your furnace breaks, just let someone fix it


Week 3 Image

_20151211_155246This picture reminds me of my cat. He is a little weird, and always staring off into space. My cat is black and a lot bigger than this one looks, but that was the first thing that came to my mind at the time. I came across this picture awhile ago, and thought it would be perfect to talk about. he is five and a half, and really lazy. as we do give him a lot of space to move around, he likes to lay around and do nothing. he weighs about 30 pounds, and is about as active as a sloth in winter. so that is my story of my cat, THE END

The world of Nature

I think nature is pretty cool. There’s a lot of stuff you can do like climb trees, go on adventures, and find and learn a lot of new things. But the above all reason that I think it is fun, it’s because you can go out and connect with other people. You can go hunting, fishing, camping, hiking or various other things with other people and have really nice conversations together. You can really get to know other people outside. You can have really good conversations about each other and learn about each other and connect. So go outside and have an adventure today!

Week 10 blog challenge

For my blog, I wrote about 4 posts I think, and they were all for school and for the blogging challenge. I got no comments from anyone, maybe because my posts were short. I changed my theme once, because I thought it looked cool. This is a short post as well.

Raise Your Voice

Hello, I would like to talk about Mark Fischbach, otherwise known as Markiplier. He has had a pretty good life, as far as alot of us who know him might think he’s had a  know, but his you tube career started from one of the worst situations that I have heard of.

He started  youtube in 2007 if I am correct, but his account got banned for some reason. in 2011 his dad got terminally ill and died with mark holding his hand at his side. after that he figured he would go to collage and be a bio engineer. a couple months later he was called to be another type of engineer, but later went back to being a bio engineer. this year, about a month or two ago, Danial Kyre, a dear friend of mark’s tried to commit suicide, but he failed and died later in the hospital. he stopped making videos for about a week and a half which scared alot of people, because that was the first time he didnt put videos up every day, and alot of people thought he was going to quit youtube, but he is back and making videos, the reason i decided to do markiplier is because he is a very motavational person and takes time out of his life to help in charity events, he meets his fans personally to talk to them, and he is on the suicide prevention hotline. he is a really good youtuber and an even better person.